Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Clutter And Weight Loss

Clutter And Weight Loss - Is there a relationship between clutter and weight loss - this article will cover the possible ways you can this to work for you. Every morning when I get up I assemble all the toys left in the living room by my six year old boy and put them away ( this will normally take me about ten minutes at most ). After this I venture into the kitchen and wash up the typical heap of plates and cutlery from the day before ( no dishwasher in my house! ). This all take me about half an hour or so and I'm doing it at least 5-6 mornings out of the week. 

It may not seem like much but this type of ritual is giving me some immediate exercise every morning and it kick-starts my muscles and mind for the approaching day. Now imagine what clutter and weight loss could do for you ( depending on the amount of clutter you have in your house ). Most people's clutter is quite a mass and getting it sorted out and getting rid of whats not needed will give your body great exercise. 

The biggest problem I see when it comes to clutter is the fact that people convince themselves that they need the clutter and they can't live without the material things they never use. Take me for example, once I have gotten rid of a box or two of clutter I never miss any of the items once they have gone - you will be the same. 

Clutter and weight loss are also closely related on a mental level. How is this? Lets look at it a little closer: Once you have cleared a complete room of it's clutter you have in fact conquered that room and defeated it. If you apply this to your weight loss plan it is similar to you losing a certain amount of weight. For example, if you want to lose three stone then the first stone will be the most difficult. Once you have 'conquered' this first hurdle and lost that first stone it is similar to clearing your first room of clutter. Clutter and weight loss again working together. 

Clutter and weight loss can be healthy if you manage to shed the weight through the process. Getting rid of clutter can also be healthy as it avoids the risk of depression. Clutter is widely recognized for being a catalyst for certain types of depression and a messy house can be a sign of depression also. I hope the points on clutter and weight loss listed here have been of some sort of help to your clutter/weight problems. 
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