Saturday, 10 May 2014

Weight loss? Pfft, easiest thing ever

Weight loss? Pfft, easiest thing ever - Weight loss? Haha, easy as pie! 

Alright, I'm gonna outline some basic steps to finally achieve some weight loss. 

Weight loss isn't hard, in fact, weight loss is as easy as you want it to be. 

Don't believe me? Am I flippin' your switches now, am I? Just because you've been taught that weight loss is supposed to be HARD?! 

Weight loss is easy, believe me. Weight loss is really easy, IF you approach it from the right direction. Weight loss diets don't work, at least not long term. People see diets as a "quick fix". Like a temporary weight loss thing. 

This is all wrong. If you want a slim body, FOREVER, a simple change in your HABITS and LIFESTYLE will do. 


It goes like this: 

Proper foods + Proper eating + Regular exercise = WEIGHT LOSS 

Simple as that, nothing special really. That's the magic equation to weight loss. 

If you take all the weight loss plans in the world, this is what it all boils down to. Of course, except the "magic weight loss pills" that is guaranteed to make lose weight overnight. Let me tell you one thing that you better hammer into your skull bone: WEIGHT LOSS PILLS ARE FAKE! It's all schintzelpie. 

Yeah that's a word. In the magic world of the weight loss pills it is. 

Now let me explain the weight loss formula to you. 

Proper foods + Proper eating + Regular exercise = WEIGHT LOSS 

Proper foods = Lots of greens, veggies, fruits and fibers. 

Proper eating = Eat regularly, eat little. Eat a bit every three hours. 

Regular exercise = To burn off that fat, regular exercise is important. Exercise at least three times a week. 

There you have it guys. The "magic weight loss formula". 

If you follow this weight loss plan, you will, finally get a decently slim body. 

Now, for long term weight loss, you have to stick with this plan FOR LIFE. 

Stop whining now, if you want a slim and strong body, healthy mind, this is what you gotta do. 

If you adopt this plan as a HABIT, then weight loss couldn't be easier. 

It's like riding a bike. If you plant this into your mind as habits (repetition, repetition, the key to success) it's gonna be like brushing your teeth every morning. That's how easy weight loss is going to be. 
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