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Weight Loss Foods That Satisfy Your Hunger

Weight Loss Foods That Satisfy Your Hunger - Every year, the holidays provide so many tempting foods that nearly everyone gains at least a few pounds. This leads many of us to make the list New Year's resolution that I will lose x number of pounds. Now, the question is, it's past the New Year, how is your plan working? 

One problem with losing weight is that there are so many diets and weight loss programs out there. Another problem is that one program may work for one person and not for another. This can be due partly because of an individual's metabolism or sometimes can be simply that the food choices of the particular weight loss plan doesn't match the dieter's taste. In some cases, people find the seemingly tiny portions of food unsatisfying and, as a result, are not able to stay with the program. 

You can build your own diet program around weight loss foods that you like. So what constitutes weight loss food? Simply put, foods that are high in fiber, are loaded with antioxidants and are low in fat and refined sugars. You also want foods that don't seem like prison faire but will get you to your goal in a hurry. 

Most people understand that packing your plate with fruits and veggies will not only fill you up, but are extremely low in calories. The problem is that many people are put off by this because they think that they must consume two fruits or veggies at each and every meal, not to mention their morning and afternoon snacks, in order to meet their quota. 

The good news is that is that dieting doesn't have to be a fruit and veggie eating chore. For example a nutritious breakfast that meets the requirements might be banana bread. To make it healthy and suitable for your diet, try substituting a cup of applesauce for a portion of the liquid called for in the recipe and use a sugar substitute. Or you could blend a fruit smoothie, incorporating your three favorite fruits along with a little now fat yogurt or milk. Eat an apple and a couple of slices of whole grain toast. Practice eating slowly, when you do the fiber content of produce will help you feel full. 

For a mid-morning snack you might try a one cup serving of a mixed fruit salad, a small bowl of fresh or frozen strawberries with a dressing of non-dairy topping or a whole banana. This will satisfy your hunger until lunch. 

Remember, to stay on track the best thing to do is to bring lunch. You might try a chef's salad drizzled with a low fat dressing, or a 4 ounce piece of lean meat with a side of mixed vegetables. 

For your afternoon snack, a few celery sticks mixed in some spinach dip can hit the spot and keep your tummy in the right spot until dinner. 

For dinner fish is an excellent choice. So is a skinless chicken breast or a lean pork chop. You don't have to avoid beef as long as it is a small portion of a lean cut. Serve a dinner salad on the side. To flavor it up try dressing your meat with a salsa, applesauce, or baked sliced apples sprinkled lightly with cinnamon. 

The thing about weight loss foods is that they are everywhere. Once you start eating this way you may find that you can't even eat all your food because you are too full! When you add up all the calories you'll be astonished at how few you've actually taken in. Not only that, fiber rich foods burn more calories in digestion than most other types of food, making them real weight loss foods. 

If you want to spice up you meals even more here's a really hot tip. Get a book on seasonings and marinades. Use herbal salt substitutes that spark the flavor like salt, without the salty side effects. 

Oh, one last thing that goes with your New Year's eating habits, you need to exercise. If you exercise just 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days each week, you'll be rewarded with quick weight loss, increased vigor and good health that lasts a lifetime! Start today and make the rest of your life the healthiest you can! 
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