Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Far Infrared Weight Loss

Far Infrared Weight Loss - Far infrared technology is being used for alternative healing, curing disease and getting the blood circulating to the body. In addition, it can also assist in weight loss. Many people scoff at the idea that sitting in a sauna can actually burn calories. While you won't drop ten pounds in a week just with sweat, your body does indeed need to work hard at cooling itself off. You will sweat a lot when you are in a far infrared sauna. That is proof that your body's cooling system is working. Cells are moving around and the circulation is improving. 

Your body is working hard to keep itself cool when you use a far infrared sauan for weight loss. It is very safe and easy to do. Many people purchase and inexpensive portable sauna and use it in their own home every day for best results. 

In addition to weight loss, you are sweating out some of the toxins that your body has been holding onto. You will start to feel an improvement not only in your weight loss routine, but in your overall health. As I have been using a far infrared sauna, my thyroid function returned to normal and my skin tone improved. Some of the fine lines around my eyes actually disappeared. I have been exercising, so I can't say whether or not the ten pounds that I lost was entirely due to the sauna or not, but I am feeling much better overall. 

While there are many benefits to far infrared sauna therapy, using it for weight loss does have its limitations. You will not build muscle with a far infrared sauna. This means that your body will not be more efficient at burning calories from simple sauna use. You will not see the nice muscle definition in your arms and legs unless you actually hit the gym and work those muscles. 

The most effective way to use far infrared for weight loss is to combine it with exercise. This is simple and easy to do. Some gyms have saunas in them and relaxing in a sauna after a hard workout will make your muscles feel better. You will want to make sure that you drink a lot of water as you will sweat with your workout and in the sauna to cool your body temperature. 

Many women notice other wonderful benefits in addition to far infrared weight loss. Some of them will be relieved of painful menstrual cramps as well. This is because the blood is circulating better and reaching all of the muscles and organs. Your body will work more efficiently and effectively. 
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