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How to Make Diet Shakes

How to Make Diet Shakes - If you have often wondered how to make diet shakes then look no further. Here are some easy diet shake recipes you can try at home. 

Weight loss is on the minds of many amongst individuals today. The pursuit for weight loss leads to enrollments in gyms and fad diets! Of course, with mounting work pressures, following fad diets is not always easy. The temptations galore in the form of pizza outlets and fast food joints can make you break your promise more than once! If you are the kind who needs a little bit of indulgence and hates following the same old diets, you can bring about a change in the routine with some diet shakes. Now, if you are wondering how to make diet shakes, fret not! Instead of diet drinks from the stores, you can try some of the easy ways to make for a healthful drink at home. 

Making Diet Shakes at Home 

Fruit Passion: 
Apple - cored and diced (1) 
Strawberries or blueberries (4-5) 
Banana - peeled and sliced (1) 
Oranges - peeled, de-seeded and sectioned (1-2) 

Place all the ingredients in a blender and process it till the mixture turns smooth. Its thickness would depend upon your preference. 

Grape Shake: 
Chilled milk (250 ml) 
Sugar (1/2 Cup) 
Water (1 Cup) 
Black grapes (1 Cup) 

Add around half cup water to the grapes. Add half a cup of water to the sugar as well. Then, boil the grapes for around 4 minutes. Let the grapes turn soft. Then, boil the water and the sugar preparation till it achieves one consistency. Once done, blend the softened grapes. Sieve the same. Now, add this to the sugar syrup. Let it simmer for at least 5 minutes. Once done, chill this preparation. Once its chilled, blend the milk into the grape concentrate till it turns frothy. Now, serve in a tall glass. 

Caribbean Shake: 
Banana (1) 
Pineapple juice (1/2 cup) 
Orange juice (1/2 cup) 
Grenadine syrup (1 tbsp) 
Ice cubes 

Mix all the ingredients into the blender and blend till it smoothens. Add the ice cubes or crushed ice to the glass if required. 
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