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Meal Replacement Shakes For Men

Meal Replacement Shakes For Men - Picking the best meal replacement shake according to your personal requirements is the main objective of this article. Read on to know more about different shakes for weight loss, and their benefits and drawbacks. 

It is a fast paced world and finding time to have a decent meal is almost impossible to come by, let alone deciding on what could be a balanced diet and then preparing it. Enter meal replacement shakes. These are mostly liquid diet supplements, commonly advertised as meals in themselves, which actually do contain a lot of the necessary nutrients, and that too with a few calories. It seems like a dream come true. No need to worry about eating, we could just stir up lunch and drink it. Well, sadly like every other thing in this 'not so perfect' world, so is the promise of this 'not so perfect' idea of replacing actual meals. There are many advantages of such a diet no doubt, but there do exist a few drawbacks as well. Let us first see a few weight loss shakes and try to understand what they contain, how they can help you and where they might not. 

Shakes that Replace Meals 

Weight Loss Shakes: There are many shakes for weight loss, that are available over the counter, along with a number of other healthy snack bars and other food supplements. The weight gain shakes below are also a good bet if you want to replace your fat with muscle. 

  • Slimfast is one such example. Although, some people might like its taste, it does contain a lot more sugar when compared to other shakes that are out there in the market. It contains 46 g of carbohydrates and only 7 g of protein. It has a total of 220 calories and sugar in it is 35 g, pretty high for a health shake. The low protein content in such drinks also means that you might end up losing weight from your muscle, especially if you do not exercise or eat some other fruits or vegetables along with your slim fast diet. It does cause a significant reduction in calories consumed, but it needs to be taken along with exercise and some other fruits and vegetable for added nutrition. 
  • Myoplex Low Carb is good to use as a snack or to get rid of hunger cravings, but is best to use along with some healthy fruits or vegetables. It has a greater amount of proteins to carbs and is a good choice for people who are trying to cut down on carbs. 

Weight Gain Shakes: These shakes are excellent, if you want to lose fat but at the same time gain muscle mass. They are generally the best for the body as you don't lose muscle, just the bulky fat. 

  • Soy and whey protein shakes are also good for men and are high in protein. They help to build good muscle mass and at the same time burn fat. They are a good bet for healthy weight loss, but need to be coupled with regular exercise and some other fruits or vegetables for best results. 
  • High protein shakes contain a greater ratio of proteins to carbs, and thus help in muscle building. You could also go for protein supplements after you have considered your requirements, and the benefits and disadvantages of the product. These are low in sugar and fat content and thus, also helps lose unnecessary fat easily. 
  • Whey and Egg Protein shakes are another alternative for muscle building and healthy weight loss. 

Though these diets can bring about weight loss quite easily and even in a short span of time, it is best to not be totally dependent on these meals. It is best to use them along with at least one normal meal, consisting of healthy fruit or vegetables and with regular exercise. It is also recommended to be in touch with a professional nutritionist who could help you understand nutrition facts to make sure you aren't doing anything wrong. Always compare meal replacement shakes for men, to see what each of them are offering and pick the one best suited to your needs. Diet meals do help lose weight for the long term, but adequate care must be taken so that you don't end up crashing, with insufficient exercise and nutrition. This is the only sure-fire way of getting fit healthily. 
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