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Secret of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Secret of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss - So do healthy recipes for weight loss really exist? And if so, do they work? Well, yes and yes. Healthy recipes mean a nutritious balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat. It's not about banning whole food groups or eating nothing more than lettuce. The weight loss part comes in because the healthy dish should have less fat/sugar/calories than the regular version. And to achieve weight loss we have to give our bodies a bit less fuel so that they can use up some of our battery power (that's our stored fat). 

The easiest way to ensure a recipe is healthy is to cook it at home. That way we can see what goes into it - and after all, we really are what we eat! Even non-cooks can put a jacket potato in the oven, or assemble a fruit salad. A good way to eat more healthily is to put as many colours into a meal as possible - red tomatoes, green peppers, yellow eggs, orange carrots, purple aubergines, brown mushrooms, and so on. Variety should be the spice of life.

Healthy recipes for weight loss
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We can still eat the meals we enjoy, with a few healthy tweaks. Even the British take-away staple of fish and chips can get a slim line makeover. Instead of deep-fried battered fish, sprinkle chopped herbs and breadcrumbs over fish fillets and oven bake. Cut potatoes into wedges (skin on), plunge into boiling water and drain, then mix with a few drops of oil and some paprika and bake on a non-stick tray. Accompany with chopped chives stirred through plain yoghurt instead of fat-laden tartare sauce. 

Any recipe that uses minced meat can be made with less fat if the meat is drained after dry frying. Also try replacing one quarter of the meat with cooked red or green lentils. 

And a good non-stick wok or frying pan can be used for all kinds of frying with only a few drops of oil rather than lots of fat. Just add a splash of hot water if things start to stick. 

As TV chefs are so fond of reminding us the success of a recipe is in the seasoning and taste of a finished dish. Unlike them, we don't have to load our recipes with salt and butter and cream to get wonderful flavours. We can let our culinary friends be herbs, spices, chillies, citrus fruits and yoghurt. Remember that dairy foods will tend to 'deaden' the flavour while lemon juice will pep it up. 

Working out healthy recipes for weight loss isn't rocket science, it just means reducing the fat and sugar content of regular recipes. Of course eating fresh seasonal ingredients helps too, as they will be at their most nutritious. Don't be afraid to try something new - it's only food after all. 

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