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Weight Loss Shakes That Work

Weight Loss Shakes That Work - Those who want to lose weight need to consume fruit/vegetable smoothies and shakes in large quantities. If you are interested in healthy ways of losing weight, then take a look at the tips provided in this article. Read on, to know the healthy ingredients of meal replacement shakes. 

As people are becoming more and more health conscious, more and more weight loss diets are being introduced. When people read about the diets followed by celebrities, they also search for easy diets to lose weight fast. But it is not easy to follow a low-calorie diet. Moreover, the person who wants to shed those extra pounds, needs to exercise vigorously and regularly. Besides, losing weight fast can have adverse effects on the health of the person. When on weight loss diet, the body should not be deprived of the essential nutrients. So, it is better to opt for healthy weight loss. 

Selecting the Best Weight Loss Shake 

Commercial weight loss shakes come in many varieties, flavors, brands and forms (powder or ready-to-drink form). Manufacturers claim that their products help reduce body fat and promote weight loss; but people are always doubtful about the results. These days, protein shakes for weight loss are quite popular. But do they really work? You are supposed to replace the meals with these shakes. If protein shakes are consumed along with regular diet, you are more likely to gain weight. Here are some tips for buying weight loss shakes. 

  • The weight loss shake should taste good and should help you achieve your weight loss goal effectively. 
  • Check whether you are able to perform exercises after consuming the shake. The shake should provide you sufficient energy to perform your daily activities too. 
  • Stay away from shakes which contain excess fat and sugar (they are added because they impart good taste). 
  • The shake should be packed with necessary vitamins and minerals that normally come from the foods which you won't be able to eat when on diet. 
  • It should not leave you hungry. It should keep you satiated for longer period. 
  • Always select a reliable brand, don't fall prey to false advertisements. 
  • Check the reviews, talk with people who have already tried the product. 
  • Consult with your dietitian or physician before opting for any new/old weight loss product and follow his instructions and the instructions on the label religiously. 

The shake should not only lower your calorie intake but it should also lower the need for willpower. People generally embark on a diet enthusiastically; but as the enthusiasm dies, they fail to follow the dietary guidelines until the end and fall back into their old habits and end up gaining weight. If they are able to see the results quickly, they won't leave the diet midway. So, selecting weight loss shakes that really work is important. 

Commercial Shakes 

Protein shakes are nothing but protein supplements which come in powdered form. Whey protein shakes are considered as the best shakes for weight loss. If your digestive system cannot tolerate whey protein, you may try other shakes. Studies show that high-protein diet which involves regular consumption of protein shakes can help you lose about 4-6 pounds of weight per month. Good eating habits, low-calorie diet and regular exercise are essential to achieve the desired weight loss. 

Slim-Fast is a well-known brand of meal replacement shakes. 8 oz Ultra Slim-Fast contains 35g sugar and provides 220 calories. Sugar content being pretty high and protein content being very low (7g protein, 1g fat and 46g carbohydrates), you need to eat some other fruits and vegetables, when on diet. You also need to exercise regularly. Otherwise you may end up losing weight from your muscle. 

Myoplex Low Carb shake provides relatively less sugar and calories, and it can be helpful for those who are advised to follow a high-protein low-carb diet. But the shake that is very low in calories cannot compensate for a meal. You will need some regular food, and you will have to plan your diet in a skillful way to maintain the daily calorie intake at the desired level. 

An 'Ensure Lite' product contains less amount of sugar than Ultra Slim-Fast but the calories obtained are also lesser. And the amount of sugar is not negligible. Thus, every commercial product has some positive and some negative attributes. So it is better to make your own weight loss shake at home. 

Homemade Weight Loss Shakes that Work 

As mentioned above, weight loss drinks/shakes that actually work, should keep you satiated. Therefore it is recommended that you should prepare the shakes at home. Here are some useful tips: 

  • You may use low-carb, low-fat or non-fat milk and yogurt to prepare the shakes. Milk and yogurt provide calcium and vitamin D. 
  • You may add whey protein powder to the shakes. It promotes quicker and easier food digestion and keeps you satiated for longer. 
  • Fruits are rich in antioxidants and help remove toxins from your body. 
  • Like fruits, vegetables are also high in vitamins and minerals. You can use various combinations of fruits and vegetables to prepare juices and shakes 
  • You can add some effective herbal medicines like ginkgo biloba, hoodia gordonii, etc. to enjoy the health benefits offered by them. 

Remember, if you're incorporating healthy food in your diet and if you are exercising regularly, you don't have to add extra protein to your food. Those with healthy eating habits need not actually worry about weight loss shake recipes and whether the shakes work or not. To achieve the desired weight loss, you just need to burn more calories than you consume. The mantra for weight loss says "eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, avoid fast/greasy/sugary/fatty food, incorporate healthy fat and lean sources of protein in your diet; and increase your physical activity." Healthy food and regular exercise can help you lead a healthy and active life. 
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Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. 

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