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Weight Loss Shakes

Weight Loss Shakes - All you need along with some exercise, are some weight loss shakes to stay fit. Find out more about them here. 

Weight loss is a word that is so common in the society today that it has almost become a permanent part of our lives. Everyone wants to lose weight to achieve a nearly perfect figure. Today, experts and gym instructors usually suggest protein shakes to people who opt for weight loss, as these are among the very few shakes that actually work. These shakes are basically protein supplements, available in different flavors, in a powdered form. You can consume these shakes with water or with milk as recommended to you by your doctor or nutritionist. However, there are many more shakes that you can easily make at home, which have great results. 

A weight loss shake that works best, will differ from person to person. A diet of these shakes is basically supposed to provide all the minerals and vitamins that you are going to miss by not eating foods that you usually would if you weren't on a diet. Another important thing you need to consider is that you should feel content after consuming the shake and that it shouldn't leave you hungry. 


The method for these recipes is not given as the method to make all these shakes is the same. All you need to do is blend them together. Take all the ingredients mentioned below for the respective shakes and just blend them to make a new shake everyday. Consuming these shakes will have no side-effects as they're made from naturally-available ingredients. 

Recipe #1 
This is a milk-based shake and should not be consumed with water. Also, it is only a supplement shake and should not be had in replacement of a meal. Remember that with a supplement shake you need to have other fruits and vegetables. A fresh salad will do wonders with this shake. 

  • Carrot, ½ 
  • Papaya, 4 (1-inch pieces) 
  • Glass of milk, 1 
  • Black pepper and salt, to taste 

Recipe #2 
In this recipe, the quantity of boiled spinach and cabbage will depend on how thick you want the shake to be. It is a protein shake and is water-based. So, it will help you energize in no time. Remember, salt and black pepper should be used only for a little taste. 

  • Boiled spinach 
  • Boiled cabbage 
  • Water, 1 glass 
  • Black pepper, to taste 
  • Salt, to taste 

Recipe #3 
This weight loss shake is again supposed to be consumed with milk and is not a water-based shake. It is recommended very commonly to people who want to lose weight. As this shake is milk-based, it keeps you fuller for a longer period of time. 

  • Apple, 1½ 
  • Banana, ½ 
  • Milk, 1 glass 
  • Salt, to taste 
  • Black pepper, to taste 

I hope this information answered all the doubts you had. Just to remind you again, do not start a diet with these weight loss shakes before consulting a doctor or a nutritionist. Hope you reduce all that weight in no time and stay healthier forever. Best of Luck! 
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